This Group was formed to discuss the "older" lines of the Logan surname. As 1800 is a common place to hit brick walls it made sense to delineate the lines at 1800. The hope was, and is, to identify and document the Logan lines known at 1800 with the purpose of shortening the work for other researchers due to the "process of elimination".

Census Project:
We began our journey by organizing a census project, for both 1790 and 1800. We asked list members to "claim" their families from those documents. In the course of this project, Jim Logan, developed a list of "first families", as well as organizing the census info for our project. You can view these projects under the Files tab.

DNA Project:
Our group continues to evolve thanks to Don Logan. In 2001 we established a Logan DNA Project for male Logans. Read about this exciting project here:

We are currently working on a set of state extractions of Logans for: KY, NJ, NC, PA, SC, TN, VT, and VA (and now we have added Ireland) . You can contribute your Logan extractions to these timelines by contacting the state coordinators listed for each state. View the timelines in the files section, under each state name.

This list is for serious researchers, but we are also helpful to everyone who approaches in respect. Our emphasis is Pre 1800 Logans, but there is no reason why we can't help anyone asking a genuine question. I have met some of the greatest people while on my quest! I encourage all to participate!

I've asked Jim Logan and O Logan to co-own the list and step in when they can.

Dallas, TX
Your list Administrator

"Official Genealogy site for the Clan Logan Society"
We would also like to thank Frank Logan and Highlander Graphics, for permission in using the Clan Logan crest.

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